I have been on a real networking kick lately. I upgraded 3 of the 5 computers in the apartment up to gigabit speed, set up some remote access (with the help of my intrepid father, ripvansabre) and now have something more like a server-client relationship in regards to files. The new network speed is really noticeable because I move gigabytes of files around often and stream constantly. I also managed to upgrade my internet connection without paying anything extra. I also undertook a massive re-cabling initiative that really needed to be done. Instead of a mass of ill-kept and tangled cables in the bedroom, I have a neater pile behind my desk (pictured) with a nice stack of modem/switch/router and a linux laptop for ssh tunnelling and general messing about to learn.

Also, seriously you all need to see the BBC’s Planet Earth series in High Def. It’s the first thing I’ve downloaded to use my HTPC’s native 720p and it really really shows. The visuals are amazing. The GF was drooling over the biology and I was drooling over the cinematography.

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  1. i’ve totally been checking out planet earth. it really looks awesome on the tv we got a few months ago. some of the stuff that you see on there is just unbelievable.

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