The Cougar where I work

Since the whole writing thing doesn’t pay the bills just yet, I still work a shitty office job. Almost everything about working there sucks, but I do get to see a Cougar every now any then, still nice looking if a bit ragged around the edges.

I’m talking about a car by the way.

It’s a gold, first gen XR-7 and I’m really glad someone is driving it. Based on the frequency I see it in the parking lot, it’s somebody’s daily driver ((or a seasonal daily driver)) . It’s certainly not a trailer queen, one of the doors is half in primer. But the Miata with No Name has a nasty looking parking lot ding on it, so I’ve got no place to throw stones.

I have a solid respect for anybody who drives a classic car on a daily basis. They display a devotion to the interesting, the cool, the object with personality over all the comfort and convenience of something from the current millennium.  Were I a bit more daring, I’d like to think I’d be one of them ((also, if I wasn’t so scared of driving a vehicle from a time when 15 mpg was “really good”)).

So, a silent salute to that Cougar’s driver. Keep her on the tarmac.