About the Author

For those with short attention spans:

Scott Paladin was born some time ago in a place, grew up, stayed young, and wrote a book.

For those with a hunger for more:

I was born February 7th, exactly twenty years after The Beatles landed in America. Thus the date was cemented as one which ushers great things unto the American landscape.

I grew up, or merely grew taller, in a suburb of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. I began writing at an early age, scampering about the English language like a hooligan and churning out the sort of dreadful text that is to be expected from any developing mind.In the meantime, I ravaged the library of all the Sci-Fi and Fantasy therein, my appetite for it voracious.

When spat into the world by the public education system, I stumbled into the arms of an institution of higher learning. After discovering an allergy to marketable skills, I chose to major in History and minor in Classics. During this time I continued to write, producing my first novel length work.

I do maintain a life outside of writing. I’ve played role-playing games for years, built suits of armor, acted in the theatre, reenacted the Civil War (with help), and produced a series of online comics. I play the tin whistle and the English concertina, often well. My interests are eclectic and intense, ranging from automobiles to astronomy, zoology to quantum physics.

I do not do children’s parties.