Well, this is a turn up for the books.

I sit now amidst a sea of brown cardboard boxes. Anosmic as I am, I have no idea if corrugated cardboard has a particular smell, but it seems like the kind of thing that should. It looks like it should fill the place with a earthy, musty smell, with a chemical twinge from the glue. I imagine that the air around me is filled with it.

The boxes were for the move. 24 miles on the dot, according to the all-knowing google, but the difference between Arlington and Oak Lawn is much greater then the distance would denote*. Our place in Arlington was part of a set of characterless tract apartments, surrounded by leafy but similarly dull suburban sprawl. Our new place veritably overflows with character, from its shady little patio to the under-building parking to the historic building in the middle of the property. We’re now just a few minutes from downtown and surrounded by joyfully odd little houses and shops. It’s a really lovely little area.

It’s also one block from the Aston Martin dealership.

My own driving has been impaired by a seemingly constant spotting of British sports car royalty. I end up slowing and craning my head any time I find myself driving by the place. The sight of a row of DB9s and Vantages lining the forecourt is almost too much to handle.

The cars you see on the street aren’t shabby either. Porsches, Jaguars, BMW M Cars: people around here seem to enjoy performance as much as price-tag. There was an Exige with probably the worst paint job I’ve ever seen on an exotic. Green and yellow stripes on a graphite gray is hideous.

I even saw a XJS, rare these days as most of them haven’t aged well. I have an terribly odd affection for the XJS, despite its terrible quality and suffering appearance. I still think that with a little work to that front end, something along the lines of a less frog eyed look, it would be a really charming car. As it stands, it’s still just nice to see someone who still drives theirs around.
* Although a much smaller distance is the difference from Manhattan to New Jersey, so maybe living in a state seven hundred miles across skews my perspective.