Well, this is a turn up for the books.

I sit now amidst a sea of brown cardboard boxes. Anosmic as I am, I have no idea if corrugated cardboard has a particular smell, but it seems like the kind of thing that should. It looks like it should fill the place with a earthy, musty smell, with a chemical twinge from the glue. I imagine that the air around me is filled with it.

The boxes were for the move. 24 miles on the dot, according to the all-knowing google, but the difference between Arlington and Oak Lawn is much greater then the distance would denote*. Our place in Arlington was part of a set of characterless tract apartments, surrounded by leafy but similarly dull suburban sprawl. Our new place veritably overflows with character, from its shady little patio to the under-building parking to the historic building in the middle of the property. We’re now just a few minutes from downtown and surrounded by joyfully odd little houses and shops. It’s a really lovely little area.

It’s also one block from the Aston Martin dealership.

My own driving has been impaired by a seemingly constant spotting of British sports car royalty. I end up slowing and craning my head any time I find myself driving by the place. The sight of a row of DB9s and Vantages lining the forecourt is almost too much to handle.

The cars you see on the street aren’t shabby either. Porsches, Jaguars, BMW M Cars: people around here seem to enjoy performance as much as price-tag. There was an Exige with probably the worst paint job I’ve ever seen on an exotic. Green and yellow stripes on a graphite gray is hideous.

I even saw a XJS, rare these days as most of them haven’t aged well. I have an terribly odd affection for the XJS, despite its terrible quality and suffering appearance. I still think that with a little work to that front end, something along the lines of a less frog eyed look, it would be a really charming car. As it stands, it’s still just nice to see someone who still drives theirs around.
* Although a much smaller distance is the difference from Manhattan to New Jersey, so maybe living in a state seven hundred miles across skews my perspective.


Not too long after I started this blog, I moved to a new apartment. The GF and I were very excited, and, truth be told, it is a pretty nice place. But it’s a campus apartment and as of December (hopefully) I won’t be eligible for it anymore. So since the lease was up, we decided to go out and find a similarly priced place off campus. Interestingly enough, that buys us an extra room, which will hopefully do something for our grades, as now we can study without getting in each other’s hair so much.

The moving process has been, so far, torturous. We were supposed to moving into a first floor model on the 16th, which would’ve been perfect, but paperwork incompetence meant that got leased out from under us and instead we get a 2nd floor apartment on the 25th, today, at 5pm. So I couldn’t schedule movers for today or anything. At least we got the model we wanted and upgraded cabinets and such for the same price, so we are placated.

Now power: the apartment complex we’re moving into has a deal with a place called Gexa (I refuse to link to them) which warrants us a 5% discount. Since I don’t have any real loyalty to TXU, I’d check them out. They were, indeed cheaper, but it turns out they don’t want business. They refused to answer their phone and sign me up for service until the 4 day setup period meant we’d get electricity Monday. That would make us move during school. So instead I stayed with TXU but they are shutting off the power here sometime today so they can start the power over there. This means we won’t have the apartment cleared out when we have to clean the place, or when we move out most of the stuff, or when the movers show up. Less the perfect.

I did a ton of free online quotes for movers and only one company Condor Movers, got back to me. I was ok with their price so we scheduled for Sunday. Then they just up and canceled on us, cause they lied about their availability. So I rescheduled with another company for Saturday, so fuck them, it worked out for me.

Ok, well… back to packing/cleaning.

Update = 95% Complete

Things have gone better then expected!

There is still a load of things in my car that I’m going to be ultra lazy about and move up over the course of the next week, little bit at a time.

I am sitting in my fully furnished living room. My parents returned from my grandfather’s place with more then just a couch for my sister. This more came in the form of 3 very nice upholstered chairs. As we were puzzling out how to removed my sister’s old couch through a doorway too small to take it, my sister and I came to something of an agreement about who got what. the quality of our compromise is not wonderful, but we are siblings, so that is to be expected.

The solution for removing my sis’ couch was quite fun, involving copious use of a pocket knife and essentially ripping one of the arms off. It was some serious fun, but I would’ve liked to have seen the result of us just chucking the thing off the 3rd story balcony. I think it would’ve been a satisfying crunch.

From there we went to my aunt’s apartment to retrieve a recliner that belonged to my grandfather and a mess of things for my mess. The kitchen is now well stocked.

The father and mother helped the GF and I move these new acquisitions into the new place and within short order the GF and I had this place set up into something quite remarkably resembling a well-furnished place.

Most of y’all who donated stuff to me don’t read this blog, but I want to express gratitude here anyway, to tell the one’s who do read it that I have been extremely lucky to have relatives who are so generous. (Wow, long sentence. Correct grammar?)

Pictures forthcoming, as I need to get someone over here with a camera to take them.

Translocation is about…. 85% complete.

Well, I worked hard all of Thursday and got what seemed like nothing done. Slept on my new couch that night on accident. I did, in fact, get my entertainment center set up that night so I could fall asleep to the gentle berating of Dr. House.

Friday, I lost mostly to helping my mom hang an art show, getting my car fixed, and helping celebrate my cousin Matt’s graduation. It occurs to me now that I write this that I am the only one of the Fulmer cousins to remain without a college degree. Three more semester shall solve that, I hope. So then’ll be begin to look at my neice Lily and her generation and saying “what will your major be?”

Today has been effecient so far. The GF and I have moved all of my clothes into my new place and loaded everything but my old desk into my car. My car, now very full, will probably remain so as I gradually move thingso out of it over the course of the next week. We now wait for my father to give me word that he is ready to meet us to pick up a few things from my Aunt’s place and then help me move the desk in.

Setting up a new apartment is a bizarre experiance. This is the first place I’ve moved that was completely empty when I first stepped through the door. It took me about 30 mintutes to get back to the work of moving in as I was enthralled by such simple processes as turning on my faucets and flipping the lights on and off. When the GF arrived, I was pleased see her react exactly the same way.

Things are going to be goooooooooooooooood.


Well, it’s just a few minutes before I start the process of signing in to my new place. Then comes the even more fun process of hauling my crap across the street and up 3 flights of stairs.

More news later, hopefully.

Addendum: TXU service representatives are surprisingly easy to get along with.