I’m dog sitting a my best friend’s dog.


This is Imoen1. She’s a breed called a Swedish Vallhund, which is a very old herdidn breed from Scandinavia. Although for a supposed herder, Imoen is a pretty low energy dog. She also happens to be a freaking adorable miniature wolf looking thing.


She was good enough to pose for me a little2 and I got some decent photos of her. If you can’t tell the scale, she’s about as big as a corgi. My buddy had wanted one of these dogs for a while, so I did a Petfinder search,  and it just so happened that at the time one was up for adoption in his city. So Imoen found her forever home and my friend got himself a terribly sweet little dog.

My wife’s basset/yellow mutt mix and Imoen get along pretty well. When I pulled the treats out, he, of course, came running. I’ve already got a million photos of this dog but he’s pretty cute so I couldn’t resist.

This peppy face belongs to the mastiff my wife rescued about a year ago.  Don’t let the expression fool you, she’s actually full of anxiety and is scared of just about everything. She doesn’t much like that there’s an unfamiliar dog in the house, so there’s been som drama. It seems like they’ve managed some sort of détente by now though.