At any moment, I could talk your ear off about something inane. To spare those around me, I try to channel a lot of it here.

EDC advice for the average human.

I don't have a lot of advice that applies to everyone. There's a narrow overlap between the categories of "good solid information" and "universally applicable". What does make it to the list are almost cliches: be as kind as you are capable, save some money if you can, and try to appreciate what you've got. But for most people in most situations, here's another:

You should be carrying a knife.

Cutting edges have been our travelling companions longer than dogs. They're one of the reasons that humans are the dominant species of the planet. I've been carrying a knife of one sort or another for years. I could say it's saved my ass, but that's not really the truth. The beauty of carrying a knife is that every week it makes a couple dozen little task just so much easier. Stuff is going to need cutting, slicing, or scoring in your life. Having a knife to hand is going to make all of those instances quicker and easier. Obviously, there are times to leave at home—don't get stopped by the TSA and blame me—but your life will be improved if you've got something sharp on you almost all the time.

Here's where I'm going to go off the track a little, and maybe tweak some of the knife lovers out there:

Most people shouldn't have a "real" knife. 

A fixed blade or even a regular folding pocket knife is not the best tool for the vast majority of people. It comes down to one reason: sharpening. A dull knife is less useful and more dangerous than a sharp one, and most people can't really sharpen a knife. Their life is going to be much improved if they can have access to a good edge, without having to learn a new skin or buy expensive tools. 

So if you're a regular person, you should seriously consider a Gerber EAB and a big box of blades. Put the knife in your pocket, put the blades in a drawer, and change yours every week or so. 


Trust me on this. I've spent some real money on sharpening gear and even I get more use out of having a fresh utility blade rather than a "real" knife. A lot of knife lovers are going to say this isn't as good, or that it doesn't do everything a "real" knife does. It does have it's caveats.

For example, never pry with one of these. You probably shouldn't be prying with your Benchmade either, but definitely don't do it with a utility blade. They'll snap and razor sharp bits of steel will go flying. It's also not a self defense weapon, but neither is your regular pocket knife. It doesn't have any attachments or other fancy stuff.

Here's what an EAB with a fresh blade does really well: cuts. Keep a fresh blade in it and it's sharper and better than any half-maintained pocket knife ever will. It'll make short work of anything you need as a modern city dweller, and it'll do it without fuss or looking after. Feed it blades and it'll keep going for years. If it does break or you lose it, well, it wasn't that expensive to begin with.

That's it; it's just a knife. Probably the best one for your average human.

Wyse ASCII Terminal Keyboard (Project N+)

Wyse ASCII Terminal Keyboard (Project N+)

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Hewlett Packard 46010A Terminal Keyboard